under the sea flies the future

Our Vision

The attraction towards knowledge and exploration is inbred to human nature. So, one after the other the barriers that conceived knowledge of the universe that surrounds us have fallen. Maybe one element, so common and so close, remains still partially precluded to our linger to aknowledge and explore. This limitation transcends from the development of technical equipment more and more sofisticated to overcome newer and more difficult targets: except for rare exceptions, the sea and it's abyss still represent a boundary not easily confrontable. our planet is made up of water for 75%, but ocean exploration is still one of the least violated frontiers: man has developed crafts for surface navigation but, just like for any means of transportation, also  the maritime field suffers from problems due to weather conditions (winds, storms, streams). The only area least affected by these conditionments lies under the water surface. To date, the most efficient technology we have to travel underwater is reserved to the few and has very high costs... our vision is to change this trend.


Our Mission


     iSpace2o  was founded with the mission of studying and developing high tech projects. In particular iSpace2o seeks to create crafts, mainly in the maritime transportation field, for leisure, tourism, scientific research and public utility keeping into consideration versatility, agility and low environmental impact .