DeepSeaker DS1 -The Submarine with Gills

DeepSeaker DS1 differs from other nautical crafts for a number of innovative technological characteristics which make it unique.

It’s design concept by Pilotfish Gmbh mixes automotive and aerial looks.

A large canopy offers a wide view to the passengers.




The cockpit can accommodate 4 passengers (1 pilot, 3 passengers) and is pressurized at 1 atm dry. An air conditioner maintains temperature and eliminates moisture. 



 DeepSeaker DS1 is a futuristic vehicle. It is compact in size yet comfortable inside. Thanks to its size and weight, it can be easily transported on a boat trailer and can be lifted and housed in a yachts garage.

    DeepSeaker DS1 is also totally independent and can be launched from any port or dock.

    The handling of DeepSeaker DS1 is very user friendly and a Pilot course with certificate will allow to use it safely.



DeepSeaker DS1  can speed on the surface in hydrofoil mode at 23+ knots and  dive to 40/50 meters depth (touristic level) by means of an inflatable ballast tank under the cockpit.

 DeepSeaker DS1 is also equipped with a digital dashboard, iPad connectors and hydro-phones for sea mammal listening as well as on board Go-Pro cameras.



On board electronics and instrumentation are state of the art.

Propulsion is 100% electric green energy .

DeepSeaker DS1  safety devices feature: CO2 level alarm, Depth pressure reader, Emergency buoy with E.P.I.R.B., Spare Air Bibs (1 for each seat), Safety belts, GPS, 3D Eco-Sonar