Offshore Operations

MUSEC - mission Specific vessels

In today’s offshore mission specific vessel market, companies are faced with a large variety of missions, environmental conditions and reduced capital expenditures. To support such operations, we offer a range of highly efficient and cost-effective MUSEC mission specific vessels. MUSEC Mission Specific Crafts can be designed for crews of 4 and more and a diving capacity of 50 to 100 meters depth.

DeepSeaker DS1-SRV  Search & Rescue vehicle

MUSEC - Heavy weather offshore search and rescue vehicle (SRV)

The unique abilities inherent to the MUSEC technology provides the ideal solution for severe seas rescue.

Where conventional surface craft would be hampered by high wind and waves, MUSEC is in its natural element. An SRVclass  offshore MUSEC is equipped with a capture platform in the stern of the vessel, directly behind and above the bridge where the rescue team can maintain constant contact with the pilot during the critical capture procedure.

Maneuvering to the victim, the SRV will open the upper back section of its stern and submerging slightly to sea level, it will enable the team to recover the victim directly onto the vessel rescue deck at which point, the upper section will then lower and close to protect the victim and the rescue crew. The water is then automatically drained. Access to the cockpit is through a tunnel at the back of the seats. SRV’s can be designed to house a hyperbaric chamber. Current design is for a crew of 4 to include 2 E:M.T.S. with a range of 500 nautical miles and top surface speed of 23+ knots.

MUSEC will effectively advance the state of the art of offshore rescue vehicles.

DeepSeaker DS1-SOV Service Operations Vehichle

Service Operation Vessels (SOV Sea-Horse) are the cost efficient choice for windfarms and platforms far from shore. The SOV offers onboard workshop and advanced transfer of technicians as well as safe boat to platform transfers. The MUSEC technology offers an all weather surface and subsurface intervention craft.