Multi Use Specialized Electric Craft

MUSDeepSeaker DS1 is a Multi-Use Specialized Electric Craft (MUSEC). It  can be used for leisure, tourism, search and rescue , research and military. Its the result of years of planning by the iSpace2o partnership.

 ¨  DeepSeaker DS1 allows transportation of passengers for long distances both over and under the water surface in a safe, dry,  1 atmosphere pressurized enclosed environment which is also comfortable and user friendly.




The present project can transport 4 passengers (larger units for more passengers can be developed on this technology).

¨    A wide canopy offers great visibility to the passengers.




 ¨  DeepSeaker DS1 can travel on the surface in hydrofoil mode. The craft will rise on the water thanks to a front foil and back wings that reduce drag and lift the craft out of the water. During underwater travel mode, the front foil will retract against the hull reducing underwater drag. DeepSeaker DS1 is a totally green energy propulsion craft. It is powered by two electric 40kw marine motors by Huracan Power fed by latest generation lithium-ion batteries and attached to custom built underwater hydro-jet units (first time applied to underwater travel).


   The Inner hull is built in carbon fibre while the outer hull is made of high tech composite fibres. The canopy is made of pressure resistant acrilic.

A fuel cell motor is currently under study.










Artificial Gills

DeepSeaker DS1  is equipped with an innovative breathing system patented by Like a Fish Tech. Partnering on the development of this project.

 The system enables DeepSeaker DS1 to extract an oxygen mix needed for the passengers to breathe directly from sea water by means of a special pump giving a near to endless air reserve. The air is cleaned by a CO2 scrubber.