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Oct. 3,  2017

iSpace2o (former iNova Srl) is proud to announce a new cooperation with Tachyon Aerospace as suppliers of innovative , eco-friendly space age based power-train technology for iSpace2o Submarines. This cooperation will enable iSpace2o's submersibles to achieve extraordinary results in terms of speed, efficiency and diving autonomy thanks to Tachyon's cutting edge propulsion.

EUIPO design Certification

OHIM design certification



28 february 2017

iNova has been awarded the HUS (Human Underwater Society) Engineering and Design Prize (category Start Up) 1st edition 2016.

Congratulations to the Team, Great Job!!

Special thanks to our partners/designers



iNova Atlantis (MUSEC) wins first place in Start Up category from the Human Underwater Society 


 iNova Atlantis (MUSEC) has won first place in the category Start-Up of the HUS Design & Engineering Prize. This prize rewards the best marine and submarine technological projects.


   iNova Atlantis (MUSEC) aims to create the first submersible/surface multipurpose craft . It  can be used for leisure, tourism, search and rescue , scientific research and safety


  Atlantis allows transportation of passengers for long distances both over and under the water surface in a safe, dry,  1 atmosphere pressurized enclosed environment which is also comfortable and user friendly.


  Atlantis is a totally green energy propulsion craft. It is powered by two electric 40kw engines made for marine use fed by latest generation ion-lithium batteries and attached to custom built underwater hydro-jet units (first time applied to underwater travel).


  Atlantis is a futuristic and fun vehicle. It is compact in size yet comfortable inside. Thanks to its size and weight, it can be easily transported on a boat trailer and can be lifted and housed in a yacht’s garage. Atlantis is also totally independent and can be launched from any port or dock.


  The breathable air unit is provided by  Like a Fish Tech.” patented technology.  This new patented gill system allows to extract breathable air directly from the water during travel giving virtually unlimited air supply.




  The HUS Prize includes a trip to French Polynesia to present iNova Atlantis (MUSEC). We will also join the network of the Human Underwater Society, which includes more than a hundred of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and business angles across the EU and the US. What unites them and us is love for underwater technologies!


  The HUS Prize Design & Engineering rewarded very innovative projects from across the world. These are underwater high techs, including a boat for over water as well as underwater navigation; a drone lifeguard, a pressure regulator for asthmatics, and even underwater instruments for immersed music concerts!


   The HUS Prize Design & Engineering is awarded by the Polynesian association Human Underwater Society, devoted to rekindling the interest of companies, scientists and engineers in human immersion. HUS is convinced that these technologies will bring solutions to a wide array of societal challenges, from health to isolated populations.




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